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I ship you with yang-xiao-lon-g.
ofdustandpotions ofdustandpotions Said:

Guys stop shipping me with people out of my league.

@yang-xiao-lon-g is too cool stahp pls

I apologise to them for being shipped with trash like me.

Also can I tag people on iPod? I think we’re gonna find out.


You need Jesus


Odd AU doodle

Yay I can finally tag things so I can make the rwbyhuntedau tag! Woo! Now I’m sleep deprived let’s have some fluffy headcanons.

- Jaune is the person who sleeps everywhere but his bed. He likes to build his own bed with pillows when he can and is always curled up somewhere awkward. He sleeps fucking all the time.

- Weiss’ favourite spell is one that can glue lips together. She started using it so often she now has to put 2 dollars in a jar if she does it to someone.

- Nora has to also put 2 dollars in a jar if she transforms into a bug, snake etc to deliberately scare someone.

- Pyrrha wakes everyone up by making them float out of their beds. Except Weiss, because she’d just be a shitlord and use a spell on Pyrrha so that she’d float too.

- Blake and Ren have both read the full series of Twilight, Morganville Vampires, the Vampire Diaries and Blood of Eden. They’re huge fucking nerds.

- Ruby likes to talk with random spirits she finds and nobody questions it when they see her talking seemingly to herself.

- Yang is a human heater and many times she’s said “let’s have a barbecue!” Simply so she can use her powers to flamethrower the meat. Jaune remains to be the only one who can actually eat whatever Yang “cooks”.

- JNPR have puppy piles a lot on Jaune’s makeshift pillow beds because they’re all dorks and everyone is hella comfy. They like to do it especially after the night of full moon to comfort Jaune.

-If Ruby sees a dead animal anywhere she will immediately try to bring it back to life again. If she can’t, Nora will turn into that animal, alive and well, to cheer her up.

I really like this AU ok

I’ve been up since 4 and can’t get to sleep natural selection is coming send help


We should talk about Jaune’s sisters more than we are.

So I figured out how to tag things on this.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
I ship you with rwby-desu
ofdustandpotions ofdustandpotions Said:

I’m pretty sure rwby-desu and most of the RWBY fandom has better standards than me and my chain-swearing Jaune Arc trashiness but whatever doodles your noodles I suppose

Also my iPod can’t handle going onto their blog so it literally just sends me to a default blog send jesus.